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Choosing the Right Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent

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A lot of investors – especially those who buy property as an investment for the first time – tend to wait until they are ready to have a look at properties before hiring a real estate agent. In fact, finding a realtor is a reasonable thing to do as soon as you’ve got an idea of buying a house. A professional will provide you with all the information you need and will guide you through this difficult yet exciting process of buying an investment property in Austin Texas. So, how can you choose the right realtor to help you find these investment properties, especially in such a big city as Austin, Texas Real Estate Agents?

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

real_estate_investing_with_carlosFirst of all, remember that you don’t work with a company – you work with an agent, which means you need to pay more attention at some personal qualities instead of looking for a well-known name.

  • Look for a person who is really interested in understanding what you want
  • Choose an agent who knows the area you are interested in perfectly
  • Make sure the realtor you choose focuses more on you as a client rather than on getting the deal closed as fast as possible

You should also remember that you don’t have to work with somebody you don’t trust. Base your decision on the agent’s professionalism and competence. And don’t hurry to sign the contract only because of the convincing promises he or she makes. The process of buying a house is complicated, and the last thing you want is to find out you have chosen the wrong person as it can result in choosing the wrong house.

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Tips on Finding a Good Real Estate Agent in Austin


Obviously, the primary thing you should pay attention to is experience. More experienced realtors are more likely to give you the best assistance as they have been through it many times and are able to ensure a personal approach to every client.  Hill Country Home Finder has helped fine investment properties in Austin, Liberty Hill, San Marcos, Lake McQueeney Homes and many more surrounding areas.  She has a passion for making sure you get exactly what you are looking for in an investment property.  On the weekends you can even find her using Austin Coworking as a place to make sure her business is in line with her clients.  As someone who invests in real estate herself, she makes sure you know what to look for when procuring an investment property in a market as lucrative as Austin.

Also, look for some references. Some of your friends have probably addressed a realtor when buying their house too, so you can ask them if they were satisfied with their agent. In case you don’t manage to find out anything this way, you can still get some references when you communicate with the agent you want to work with. That is, you may ask for contacts of several recent clients and call them in order to make sure that the realtor is really competent and responsible. After all, you’re going to entrust your future to this person.

Don’t be shy to ask the realtor any questions that you find reasonable – inquire about his or her professional background or ask whether he or she has any important connections, e.g. lenders, home inspectors, contractors, etc. Besides, you can ask your real estate agent to explain the process of buying a home to you. Thus, you will see if he or she can explain professional language in a simple way, which is a sign of good communication skills.

Besides, it’s not only you who has to ask questions. Your real estate agent must show sincere interest to your needs and expectations. Anyone who only talks about him- or herself is definitely a bad listener, so working with such a person will hardly be effective.

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