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Okay, let me explain.  A few months ago, I start to see these signs popping up in Stonewall Ranch in Liberty Hill.  Cool message, I think.  Then one day, as I was walking my dogs, I see a woman, carrying one of these signs, and I just have to ask, “What’s up with the signs?”

She tells me that in a meditation, she gets the idea to start a Peace Movement in the neighborhood, and she has the signs printed…..(paid for out of her own pocket).   ”Peace on Earth begins with You.”  As she takes her daily walks around our neighborhood, if someone asks her about the sign, and wants to be a part of the Movement, she gives it to them.  She asks that you take care of the sign, and know that you are a part of something bigger.  That’s all she asks, and so, of course, I want a sign!!

Now, this is the AWESOME part.  As I walk around my neighborhood, every other yard has a peace sign in it!!  They are everywhere.  If I look down a street, you see them dotting the landscape.  On Seminary Ridge, just before I round the corner to go home, EVERY SINGLE HOME has a sign in it.   I can see 4 or 5 signs from my front yard.  She is NOT a part of an organized group – She calls the Movement, “The Power of One”.  These signs have gone viral!!  What amazing progressive little town Liberty Hill can be.

With so much going on in this world, in our country – everyone seems to be opposed to each other…..a little old lady has a whole neighborhood coming together, standing up for Peace.  There is not one political sign in my neighborhood…….isn’t that amazing?

Yesterday, walking the dogs – it was August 21st and a mere 72 degrees outside, a miracle in its own right…….BUT, I see a different little old lady in her yard – she has a Peace sign, and I think, “a kindred spirit, I’ll say hello”.  Well, we start to talk about the sign lady, the movement, and this is what she told me, “I like to look at the sign, cause it reminds me to hold on to my Peace.  You know, people don’t take your Peace, you give it to them.  This sign reminds me not to give other people my Peace.”

Did I mention how much I love my neighborhood?  Find out more on Zillow.