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The University of Texas is one of the largest public
universities in the U.S. Since the enrollment exceeds on-campus housing
facility, a majority of students live off-campus. This has led to high demand for
houses in the real estate industry. While the convenience of living on campus
is invaluable, only a small number can be accommodated. Located in the heart of Austin, Texas you can be sure it boast some of the most beautiful properties around.  Here are a few housing
options for students;

The Callaway House

This is a premier freshmen residence serving University
of Texas students. It features a fully furnished, modern living space that
offers shared and private accommodations. There are also state-of-the-art
kitchens with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Besides that,
there is a 2400 sq ft fitness center where you can exercise to stay fit. The Callaway
House has six study lounges.

University Village

The village is located six miles from the University
of Texas. It offers affordable off-campus living. Each apartment has a two, three
and four bedrooms. It’s fully-furnished and equipped with amenities including a
gym, cyber lab, clubhouse TV’s, and projector screens. Every bedroom has its walk-in
closet and a private bath. Not to mention, there is a common area to socialize.
If you have no car, transport services are offered from the office all the way
to the campus. Apart from the modern lifestyle, you’ll enjoy best-in-class
customer service.

Alverez Hall

This is a residential community located close to the
campus. It features two private rooms joined by a bathroom. Each bedroom is
connected to high-speed internet. The development allows students with common
interests to live together in a supportive environment. Other amenities include
a community kitchen and a multi-purpose room. Every student has a separate study
lounge.  find out more about locations near University Hills by clicking the link.

Laurel Village

This facility houses close to 700 students. It’s
located on the northern side of the campus. The apartment units are either a
2-bedroom and one bath or a 4-bedroom and two bath unit. Other than that, the kitchenette
and living room is fully furnished. Not to mention, each bedroom is connected
to the internet. There is also an additional internet connection in the living

Chisholm Hall Students Village

It’s located next to Road Runner café right at the
heart of the campus. Furthermore, it’s closely located to the classrooms. There
are several communal kitchens, 24-hour laundry facilities, computer labs, barbecue
area, swimming pools, among other amenities. Their closets are also spacious.

St Thomas Condominiums

It located in the heart of west campus. Students
only take a short walk to their classes. The units in this complex are two
bedrooms. This makes it a perfect place to live with your roommate. There is
also a private balcony where you can enjoy the warm weather.

Many people have invested in real estate to accommodate
students from the University of Texas. Whether you need a cheap or luxurious
housing, there is always a house for you.